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Road to Monument Valley

Fuel Break Capital Partners


Fuel Break has forged strategic partnerships with opportunistic capital providers for special situations debt and equity capital. We have the expertise, creativity and experience to devise, implement and execute complex liquidity solutions for our clients. Fuel Break brings to bear the expertise and capabilities of a larger firm while remaining nimble, opportunistic and flexible. We aren't saddled with preconceived notions of industry, geography, profitability or structure. We can source capital solutions where headline risk, out of favor industries, structure, timing or other factors prevent banks, finance companies and other traditional capital providers from engaging.  


 Fuel Break Debt Capital Advisors


Fuel Break Debt Capital Advisors is a specialized capital markets advisory practice focused upon obtaining debt capital for independent sponsors, private equity firms, middle market companies and others seeking capital solutions for challenging situations. Fuel Break leverages its relationships with a wide variety of financing sources including credit opportunity funds, hedge funds, family offices and alternative finance firms. international banks, finance companies and asset-based lenders.  Fuel Break devises specialized market strategies tailored to its clients' unique needs to source the best financing options in terms of price, liquidity and structure. 

Fuel Break Restructuring Solutions

Fuel Break Restructuring Solutions, a strategic venture with pre-eminent bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer Jack Rose and the associated professionals and resources of Jack J. Rose PLLC. Based out of New York City, Fuel Break Restructuring Solutions provides a turn key, holistic approach to consensual, out of court restructurings, workouts and recapitalizations. Leveraging Fuel Break’s extensive bankruptcy, restructuring, liquidation and capital advisory experience with Jack Rose's 30 years of international law, complex restructuring, creditor and debtor representations, mediation and workout experience, FBRS efficiently, quietly and effectively provides a rapid response approach to time sensitive, complex and fluid situations. Combining access to capital with swift and decisive action that is a hallmark of a boutique bankruptcy and restructuring firm, FBRS can often facilitate out of court workouts and extrajudicial resolutions on an expedited time frame in a cost competitive manner.

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